Thank you for taking the time to consider these roles with Mid Kent Services and Maidstone Borough Council. 

It’s an incredibly exciting time for local government and the Mid Kent councils and these three opportunities are absolutely instrumental to what we are trying to achieve here. 

For the residents of Mid-Kent, we see the shared services model as a vital component in delivering high quality, resilient and cost-effective services.

Mid-Kent shared services have been established since 2008 through the Mid Kent Improvement Partnership between Maidstone Borough Council (MBC), Swale Borough Council (SBC) and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council (TWBC) – since then we have grown our collaboration with the Mid-Kent Services (MKS) Directorate being created in 2014 and now comprising six shared services across the three authorities plus Ashford Borough Council for the Audit Shared Service.

Of course, working in partnership is not without challenges, not least around how we develop and implement the robust systems, processes and operational frameworks needed to deliver varied services to suit the diverse needs of our communities and councils. We have an extensive track record of collaboration and excellent partner relationships which we want to sustain and develop further. 

Our goal for MKS is to continue with our successful, innovative shared service model that delivers the highest standards of customer service and to set a standard for other authorities to follow.

We aspire to build on the great work already achieved here.

Firstly, we will continue to improve service delivery and reduce service costs for residents across Mid-Kent.

Secondly, we will continue to find new, better ways of working in partnership to foster stronger relationships and synergies between our four authorities.

Finally, we will always strive to be innovative in the way that we work – constantly looking at ways we can collaborate, learn from each other and achieve more by thinking differently.

Much of the work has been done to establish and embed MKS. But there are still lots of exciting opportunities for people with the drive and energy to help shape processes and deliver change. So if you share our ambition please take a look at the opportunities for the Director of Mid Kent Services and our shared head of Internal Audit. While Maidstone Borough Council is the employer for both these roles all the MKS partners will play their role in the recruitment and appointment processes for both these posts.

Maidstone Borough Council is also recruiting for a new Head of Finance. This is a key leadership role in Maidstone Council, with responsibility for the finance and accounting functions as well as procurement.

We are a confident organisation. We plan well and have a sustainable financial position. Our ambition and aspirations to deliver the Council’s vision and priorities are strong. Our strengths – our people, knowledge and expertise – and our capacity for investment, innovation and improvement ensure that our delivery track record is excellent. We will only continue to achieve the results we are aiming for through the talents and hard work of all our people. So take a look at our Strategic Plan and see for yourself.

If you’d like to be a part of Mid Kent Services or Maidstone Borough Council, we’d love to talk to you.

With very best regards,

Alison Broom
Chief Executive, Maidstone Borough Council